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Driving distance from:

Spokane: 1 hour, 29 minutes

Yakima: 2 hours, 30 minutes

Ellensburg: 3 hours, 20 minutes

Seattle: 5 hours, 4 minutes

Downtown Pullman, including part of Washington State University





Pullman/Moscow Quick Facts:


  • Pullman:1888
  • Moscow: 1877


  • Pullman: 27,619
  • Moscow: 24,338 (2009 U.S. Census estimates)

Name Origins:

  • Pullman was named after inventor George Pullman.
  • Samuel Neff filed for a postal permit under the name of Moscow because the area reminded him of Moscow, Pennsylvania, his hometown.

Did you know…

  • In a 2005 survey, Pullman was named the second-best city for business in Washington.
  • Moscow is the hometown of singer Josh Ritter.

Yes, I realize I’m bending my rules a bit with this post. Not only am I covering two towns, but (gasp!) one of them isn’t in Washington. But since the two are so close together (9.6 miles), I’m counting them as one. Both are also college towns, so finding student discounts and fun hang-outs for the college aged population is a breeze.

Andrea’s Favorite:

Sella's in Pullman

Restaurant: Sella’s Calzones and Pizza. If you’re looking for Italian food that’s a step up in quality from fast food pizza chains, Sella’s is for you. Personal nine-inch pizzas run from $10-$12 each and can easily make two meals. But this isn’t just a pizza place. Sella’s also offers pasta, salads, appetizers, and – of course – calzones. The restaurant can get a bit crowded on weekends, but that only shows its popularity with locals and students alike.

Sister's Brew in Moscow


Coffee shop: Sisters’ Brew in Moscow. This quaint coffee shop is filled with overstuffed arm chairs and vintage tables and desks. The staff is friendly and serves you with actual mugs rather than paper cups. I’d recommend the black and white mocha (made with dark and white chocolate) or, for non-coffee drinkers, their Mexican hot chocolate.

University of Idaho's Arboretum



Freebie: University of Idaho arboretum. This 63-acre botanical wonder was my favorite study spot the last time I was in Moscow (and its atmosphere is a refreshing change from a university library). Flowers are grouped together geographically into sections of Asian, Western North American, Eastern North American, and European segments. The arboretum is open daily from dawn to dusk.

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Driving distance from …

Coeur d’Alene: 39 minutes

Pullman:  1 hour, 28 minutes

Ellensburg: 2 hours, 55 minutes

Seattle: 4 hours, 53 minutes

I wasn’t very well-acquainted with Spokane until I moved here a few years ago, but I have quickly learned to love it. Spokane offers all the benefits you’d expect from the second-largest city in the state, yet it isn’t a giant urban sprawl like the Seattle area (no offense to West-siders; I’m one of you). Even the busiest Spokane streets are easy to navigate. On Spokane driving, my motto is, “All roads lead to Division.”

Quick Facts:

Andrea’s Favorite …

Student deal: The Martin Woldson Theater at the Fox. Symphonies, orchestras, Grammy-award winning singers, the Fox has it all. My fellow poor college students can’t miss out on student rush tickets. Typically, you can buy them two hours before the show, sometimes for only $7. And if you’re interested in forties’ music in the slightest, you cannot miss one of their big band tributes.

Coffee shop: The Service Station. In addition to its delicious coffee and food, this non-profit holds concerts and sells goods for humanitarian organizations like Krochet Kids. If you’re a Whitworth student, you will run into a friend here. Try their chicken chipotle panini if you’re into spicy food. Personal favorite drink: white chocolate Americano for under $3.





Freebie: Riverfront Park is a fun and free place to hang out, and it’s within walking distance of downtown. Slide down the giant radio flyer, stroll down Centennial Trail, run through the fountain on a hot afternoon, feed the ducks by the carrousel, or better yet, feed the garbage goat.




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